Hello, my name is

Haroldas Petkus

Psychologist-therapist (Jungian)

Individual psychotherapeutic counseling

Therapy is an opportunity for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, get to know yourself, improve self-esteem and relationships with others, go through the most important challenges in life. It’s a way to find inner resources to deal with anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, stress and other problems. Though sometimes we don’t have a specific problem and we simply want to discover meaning to our lives and to grow emotionally and spiritually.

During therapeutic counseling sessions we work with your past experiences and feelings arising here and now. I also focus on unconscious material – dreams, images, body sensations.

I also facilitate psychological groups for men using mythological narratives which is a simple yet a profound process. If we open up to the mythical and archetypal imagination, it may lead us to see not only the inner story but also the meaning behind our difficult life experiences.

About me

Currently I provide psychotherapeutic counseling using C.G. Jung’s analytical psychology and gestalt psychotherapy approaches. My personal style is an honest interest and inquiry about your experience, thoughts, feelings, sensations and fantasies that arise within you during our sessions. My aim is to fully see and feel what is taking place and what you need in any given moment. Through asking you questions I try to reflect back and work together to expand your conscious understanding of the arising situation and to find inner resources as well as broader possibilities for change.

I only work with 15 clients at a time so as to provide each client a quality time. For each therapeutic hour I also dedicate a non-contact hour for my preparation and reflection work.


Postgraduate certificate: 
Certificate in Fundamentals of Jungian Psychotherapy at the Centre for Practical Psychology Studies (Lithuania).

Master’s studies: 
Health Psychology at University of Derby (UK)

Bachelor of Science: 
BSc Psychology at Vytautas Magnus university (Lithuania)


If you have any questions or want to book a consultation, please contact me directly via email haroldas@mailbox.org or by using the contact form. Also let me know what days and times would suit you best.

Psychotherapeutic consultations are provided in a private office in Kaunas or upon request – remotely via Zoom.

Address: Laisvės alėja 101A, 44291 Kaunas.

Fees: 40 Eur (Consultation 50 min.)